You may change or cancel a completed order at no charge up to 24 hours before it is scheduled for delivery.  

If you need to cancel or change a completed order, please call the Sales Department immediately: 242-397-7587.

A completed Furniture Plus order is one that has been fully paid or financed, for an in-store or web purchase.  

Once an order is completed, Furniture Plus initiates scheduling for delivery.  To avoid cancellation, restocking, and delivery fees, contact the Sales Department as soon as you realise you need to change or cancel an order.

We will make every attempt to accommodate this request. 

If the cancellation window has passed & your order has been processed, you may return any unwanted items in accordance with our return policy.



Order changes or cancellations incur various processing fees once the order has been dispatched or has been delivered to your home.  These fees cover shipping, handling, and administrative costs.

RESTOCKING FEE Changes, or cancellations received on the delivery date incur a Restock Fee, calculated at 15% of the order total. This fee applies to cancelled orders as well as order changes.


CANCELLATION FEE Changes or cancellations received on the delivery date also incur a Cancellation Fee of $45 + VAT. This fee is waived once you accept a store credit for the value of the returned product.


DELIVERY/PICKUP FEE This fee covers collection of a returned or exchanged item:

Single storey delivery/pickup fee:  $69+ VAT

Second storey delivery/pickup fee:  $139 + VAT




Cancelling an order already enroute for delivery incurs cancellation, delivery, and restocking  fees.

If it is too late to cancel your order, you may return any unwanted items in accordance with our Return Policy.

Contact Customer Care to cancel delivery or shipment:

Phone  242-829-7593





We refund the value of your purchase, less applicable cancellation, delivery, and restocking fees. 

With the exception of cash or check payments, we refund using the method by which you paid for your order.

If you paid by check or cash, our Customer Care Department will contact you for banking instructions, and process your refund by direct deposit.

If your order was paid by credit card, we will credit the card used for payment. Processing times vary from bank to bank, so allow 2-3 business days for the credit to appear on your account.

If your order was paid in cash, we will contact you for banking instructions. We direct deposit refunds within 5 business days.

If your order was financed, your pending loan will be deleted in our system. If you made a downpayment and wish to have a refund you will incur a cancellation fee. 

If you choose to use the down payment towards a cash sale, open loan or instore credit the cancellation fee will be waived.