The Family Command Center

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The Family Command Center


✓  Fewer scheduling conflicts 

✓  Always knowing where to find your phones, glasses, homework, keys

✓  Fewer forgotten bills

✓  A tidier home 

✓  Simple systems that help your family thrive  

What if these solutions also helped your kids learn to enjoy homework, gain confidence in school, and get better grades? 

The principles work, regardless of where you live, the size of your home, or your budget. 

Grab them and transform your school year from harried to happy!


Zone In

Think of your home like a game, with a fixed amount of space, allotted time, and a team. Games, a blur of strategic activity, are governed by zones. Within those zones, the coach precisely positions players so the team is empowered to win.


Or consider the kindergarten teacher, segmenting one classroom into varied learning centers for multiple students. Both professions use space to optimum advantage.

Take a cue from them with three easy, essential projects that give your family the home team advantage. 


Create A Command Centre



Don’t google “command center!” Wait, oh there you go.

Because unless you have power tools and a strong design gene, you’ll be immediately overwhelmed.  Who are these people, and how do they keep it up? 

Uh-huh. Many of the Pinterest paragons are completely unrelatable, and their ideas aren’t scaled for homes our size.  

A Command Centre is simply the place in your home you choose to organize your family.  The idea is to move bills, calendars, lists, invitations, menus, and schedules into one location that’s easily managed, and easily viewed.  

To plan a Centre that works for you:

1 - List the little things that bug you all the time…

  • Paper clutter
  • Lost keys, phones, and chargers
  • Forgetting scheduled events
  • “Where did I put that bill?”
  • “I need a pen that works!”
  • “What’s for supper?”
  • “What do we need from the store?

2 - Decide where you will place your Center. You’ll need space for a ledge, drop down table, or small desk like Othello



Think about wall space above the desk, and don’t forget an electrical outlet for charging electronic devices.

3 - Design your Center



                                                              Photo:                                                             Photo:                                                  Photo:


Give this step some thought, so you can visualize the space you need.  

  • Baskets, bins, or trays to label and stash papers
  • Containers to corral office supplies
  • Hooks to hang your keys
  • A charging station for phones and laptops
  • A cork board for pinning invitations and lists
  • Space for a one or two month calendar
  • A mini whiteboard for the weekly menu

Here’s a tip: collate everything on an empty table, moving things around until you can conceptualize a layout that will work for you.



Command Centres help you put on your oxygen mask. After all, you’re the one running operations. 

Ordering your world creates calm in the home. Eventually your children will appreciate that there really is “a place for everything, and everything in its place.”



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