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Candles for a Cause
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Candles for a Cause

Christmas and candles are a cosy tradition, bringing light and warmth to the holidays. Candles are like a buddy you trust to help you get ready for the festivities, then coax you to chill out when things get too crazy.  They remind you of shared good times. Somehow they always spark fascinating conversations with your guests--so they’re always invited to the party! 

But candles have another secret, for they transform humble elements to harness fire itself.  That’s an impressive feat for such a simple light source! Back in 2010, we developed holiday campaigns around Candles of Hope, connecting the beauty of candles to seasonal giving initiatives.  



Candles of Hope are locally produced by Bahamourri, an art collective specialising in boutique candles, concrete and resin vessels, and handmade jewellery.  

Bahamourri blends locally-inspired design themes with sophisticated fragrances exuding the joy of life in The Bahamas.  Using essential oils, 100% soy wax, and braided cotton wicks, they create non-toxic candles with no harmful phthalates. The all-vegetable wax yields a clean burn with no oily residue or the harmful air pollution of paraffin candles. 

Charity of Hope collaborates with Bahamourri to customise our fragrances and candle vessels. Candles of Hope are hand-poured in Nassau, then professionally cured using trade secrets. While The Charity of Hope Foundation supports children living in The Bahamas through candle sales, Bahamourri gives a portion of all its proceeds to help spay, neuter, and care for potcakes and other stray animals.

So when you purchase a Candle of Hope, you’re not just helping a child. You’re supporting local business, creative makers, even helping to manage the stray potcake population. That’s a lot of mileage from one small flame.




Through candle sales and other holiday giving initiatives, The Charity of Hope has supported over 89 community organisations across The Bahamas, 74% of them in New Providence, and 26% in the Family Islands. Together, between 2010 and 2022, we’ve contributed over $300,000 through holiday campaigns and product donations. Giving has been equally allocated to children’s charities and community development.

Recently The Charity of Hope has refocused fundraising on whole child development. We support charities that focus on the academic, intellectual, socio-emotional, physical, moral and spiritual needs of children living in The Bahamas.



This holiday, Candle of Hope proceeds benefit, which helps children living with autism and other developmental differences.  The Institute is currently being accredited as the second, internationally certified training and treatment centre serving kids and adults with autism.  Currently, the CDC reports that 1 in 44 children have symptoms of autism spectrum disorder.

Children in our country with learning differences were especially affected by the pandemic, but so were the facilities themselves. Outdoor learning is a strategic part of the Seahorse curriculum, because the area of the brain producing language borders the part coordinating movement.  Often kids on the autistic spectrum say their first words after clapping, swimming, or playing outside. Movement stimulates language. One of Seahorse’s key fundraising goals is the repair of its external facilities, the playground, garden, and pool where children on the spectrum find their voice. When you purchase a Candle of Hope, you’re helping kids acquire something that most of us consider a basic human privilege--the gift of speech. 



Candles of Hope make a thoughtful hostess gift. Holiday tins come in yummy scents like Blue Spruce (piney eucalyptus),  Cranberry Apple (like warm spice-and-fruit jam) , and Gardenia (a romantic floral with citrus and powder notes). Our Butterfly Candle in a recyclable glass jar has light citrus, wood, and sensual amber notes.  Presented in a striking black box, this candle makes a ‘scentsational’ gift that suits most home décor.



Just a whiff…that’s all it takes to bring back a memory. Turns out we humans are super-sensitive to smell, which scientists believe is how kissing developed! Discerning smells help babies learn to eat, and lead lovers to sniff out partners with great genetic potential.

Lighting a scented candle brings another dimension to holiday decor. The use of aroma quietly coaxes guests into conversational corners. Scented candles are perfect in a hallway or powder room, where their fragrance can be savoured. The fragrance of our candle tins extends from 8 to 10 feet, so if you’re blending more than one scent in a room, give them some breathing room.

We don’t recommend burning scented candles on the holiday table. You don’t want the aroma competing with all those delicate savoury flavours.  But candles are perfect for dessert and coffee!



Did you know that here in The Bahamas, foragers strung and dried cocoplum seeds on sticks to use as local candles? Cocoplum torches probably chased away mosquitoes and sandflies, too.

For centuries, we islanders relied on a maritime network to replenish food, seeds, and other provisions. Homesteaders and boatmen alike employed plant, fish, and animal oils for candle making and lamp fuel. But when supplies ran out, we learned how to leverage our own natural resources. Bahamians of African descent were very familiar with cocoplums.  The ground seeds thickened spicy African Pepper Soups. The rich seed oil was pressed into use for soap and candle making.  

This knowledge may have been shared by Seminole Indians who escaped from Florida via the Saltwater Railroad. The tribe used cocoplum to make arrows, and relied on local plants for traditional medicine and provisions. 



Like wax, wicks, and air join to become candles, holiday campaigns unite our company with customers and the community. 

Together, we proudly shine as a powerful, giving force for children’s charities in The Bahamas.


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