Emerging Stronger

Emerging Stronger
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Emerging Stronger


 We’re delighted to introduce our new logo, brand, and commercial website, all inspired by the power and beauty of transformation! 

Furniture Plus has changed, and our evolution was intentional.  

At 33 years we are still hungry to compete and contribute to our customers, communities, and country.  

In good times, our mission kept us curious and enthusiastic.  In hard times, loyalty helped us find a new course. Challenges tell who you can count on, and why you must endure.

After Dorian, and during the pandemic, our customers shared what was needed to shelter in place. When most of the country was shut down, In-House Financing helped many acquire emergency power supplies, fridges for diabetic meds, and home goods that transformed four walls into a family fortress.  

Serving in a season of sustained crisis meant radical reform across our Company, and a search for relevant solutions. By listening to our customers, we learned how and where we needed to shift. 

So we implemented new systems to make secure, online payments, and mobilised a Call Centre for online sales, services, and support. Then we developed a new  commercial website to help anyone living in The Bahamas access our products and services at any time. Our new logo and brand express the exhilaration of emerging stronger!

Furniture Plus has come through a defining season in the way a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. The fluttering butterfly evokes energy and wonder, breathing life over everything it touches. 

Each butterfly is completely restructured in a dark cocoon without seeing what it will become. When they each emerge on new wings, they merge as a kaleidoscope… and go on to change the world!

That’s the power of transformation!



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