The Drop Zone

The Drop Zone
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The Drop Zone

For some, the school year has just started. For others, the big day is just around the corner!

And once school begins, so do games like "Backpack Dash and Disappear," a daily faceoff between clutter and calm.

Without a plan to corral the transition between school and home, expect the frustration of lost homework, messy rooms, and sometimes, sheer disorder.  

That’s why we’ve curated a pile of tips to clear clutter and avert accidents in potential chaos zones like your home entrance, kitchen, and other living spaces. 



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Here’s the starting point:

Create a place in your home for kids to drop their school gear 

  1. Think about the best location in your home for this. Ideally, that space would be near the front door. Your kids have had a long day, and they can't wait to get out of those uniforms and ditch the backpacks and lunch boxes.  Where is the best place in your home to create a little Drop and Dash nook?
  2. Consider functionality. Do you have a formal entrance, entry closet, or laundry / mud room? If you don't, you may want to consider setting up a narrow shelf or rolling cart near the front door.
  3. Use baskets or crates to separate each child's belongings. You might include mini bins for garbage, dirty clothes, and shoes.
  4. Add wall hooks for backpacks.
  5. A floating shelf is the perfect home to park phones and chargers overnight.
  6. Don’t forget a small bench or chair where kids can put on and take off their shoes. 7
  7. Look for furniture pieces with a small profile that keep your entrance tidy.
  8. Labels are your best friend! Make sure everyone has their very own designated storage items, complete with proper labels!





1.  Bolanburg Two-Tone Cabinet  

2. Lanceyard Server

3. Cali Seagrass Baskets

4. Niko Weave Baskets


While planning a drop zone may feel daunting, taking time to plan this transitional space in your home will pay off for the rest of the year. Drop zones are a great way to keep track of everyone's belongings. 

Having a system also teaches the kids to take responsibility for tidiness! Once they've had a chance to unwind from their busy day, get them involved with keeping their baskets and stations organized.

Lunchboxes? In the kitchen, please! Those shoes you dropped in your basket? Let's make sure they're clean and ready for a new day! Water bottles, homework, you name it! 

Now everyone knows where to find their belongings, everyone is clear about what needs to be done for a great start tomorrow.


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