The Power of Hope

The Power of Hope
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The Power of Hope

Since 2010, Charity of Hope campaigns have boosted over 89 community development organizations in Nassau, Freeport, and the Family Islands. 

Giving drives include Candles and Angels of Hope, plus matching fund collaborations with other companies invested in The Bahamas.

This year, our charitable proceeds benefit The Seahorse Institute, an educational center serving children with autism and other developmental differences. The CDC now reports that 1 in 44 children have symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. Seahorse will soon be accredited as the second, internationally certified training and treatment facility in this region for kids and adults with autism. 

Outdoor learning is a strategic part of the Seahorse curriculum, because the area of the brain producing language borders the part coordinating movement. Often kids on the autistic spectrum say their first words after clapping, swimming, or playing outside. Movement stimulates language. One of Seahorse’s key fundraising goals is the repair of its external facilities, the playground, garden, and pool where children on the spectrum find their voice. 

Interested in seeing how your giving has already helped children living with autism here in The Bahamas? Check out Jordan’s story in this video. You’ll be moved and inspired - and who doesn’t need a little renewed inspiration for a new year? 

With 365 new opportunities to give a little and help a lot, let’s kindle the flame of kindness in 2023. 



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