Yes, You Can Buy A Mattress Online

Yes, You Can Buy A Mattress Online
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Yes, You Can Buy A Mattress Online

Tamara & Dallas Knowles

When you live in Exuma, online shopping can be quite challenging because you never know when the internet and phone lines are going to go down.

We’ve had a few really good experiences with Furniture Plus. They’re always a place we can rely on, and over the years their website has gotten easier to use, especially with online payments.

With our last order I had a problem with my card. When I called the store, they were very helpful. I found that the issue was actually on my side, and they helped me place my order. 

There was no delay. It took less than a week from the time I placed my order to the date the mattress arrived. It was really amazing.

This purchase was a special treat for us. We ordered the mattress for birthdays my husband and I shared. It was the first mattress we have personally owned in over twenty years of marriage. We’d either rented or inherited used mattresses so it was something we were very much looking forward to.

The website was actually very helpful. At first, I felt apprehensive about choosing a mattress online. I wanted to feel and look at it, but this time we couldn't get to Nassau to try before buying.

Once we started browsing the Furniture Plus website, we got a pretty good idea about what we were buying from the product descriptions. It was useful to be able to zoom in on the photos.

The pricing was very competitive compared to some of the other places we called in Nassau, and it was a super easy transaction. Everything went flawlessly.

The Customer Service with Furniture Plus is always very nice. We dealt with them almost ten years ago on a sofa set we were buying. They financed it and provided really friendly customer service. 

They’ve just built themselves up to be a trustworthy and reliable business when we need things.

I felt I could trust the transaction when giving my credit card information over their website or phone, and again, you don’t always get that feeling with some of the businesses nowadays.

It’s nice when submitting a payment to not worry about who might be seeing my card information, or where it’s going. I’ve never had any of those problems with Furniture Plus.  It adds another level of reassurance to the ordering process.

I love their selection. They’ve got great furniture, and it’s quality stuff. We got a sofa there years ago and it’s still holding up very well. I know when I buy something it’s going to be a good, quality piece of furniture, and won’t fall apart when we start using it.

And sure enough, the mattress we picked out and ordered online we were extremely happy with. It was what we were expecting, and then some. It was a very nice treat for us.

The packaging of it, getting it off the mailboat and bringing it home, there were no issues with that. We had a very good experience all around. 

Again, I can’t say enough:  the customer service, the emailing, the phone call, you just feel like you matter when you call Furniture Plus. There are very few places that are that helpful. We get put on hold all the time, we get transferred, or they just tell us they can’t deliver to the mailboat.  

All those extra steps Furniture Plus takes so we can order from them, get it to the mailboat, then make sure we have the right mailboat information, it’s all very helpful, especially living on the Out Islands. I can’t sing their praises enough. 

- Mrs. Tamara Knowles, Georgetown, Exuma


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